Do you provide tech support?

Yes, we do provide free support for both free and premium accounts. Please use the contact form get in touch with our support team.

Do you provide training?

Using the ezyTrainer personal trainer software is pretty easy, so we doubt you need one. Create your Free account now to assure of that. In case of any questions popped out into your mind, please do not hesitate to ask us.

How secure is my data on ezyTrainer?

We take standard precautions to ensure that your data is protected from loss and unintended viewing. Our servers are monitored constantly to avoid any unwanted access to your data. We do regular back-ups to your data in case of server breach or failure. We do not require to share or post any sensitive information in your account, so please avoid that. Please also visit our Privacy Policy.

Do you provide guarantees?

We will make the best efforts to ensure our service works correctly and without interruption, but we cannot be accountable to server breaches or interruptions especially due to circumstances beyond our control. Anyway, in case of unavailability of the service your Premium account will be retrieved with the exact hours /days the service has been unavailable. For more information refer to our TERMS & CONDITIONS.