Easy Fitness Management System
Designed with simplicity in mind ezyTrainer features an easy and friendly user interface that provides fitness professionals with the simplest way to manage personal databases, assign interactive programs and diets, track performance and progress, coordinate bookings, sett up training schedules and more.
Coordinate Bookings & Training Schedule
EzyTrainer is a fitness booking software that automates bookings, manage availability and training classes. When signing up with us personal trainers will get their online personal booking page where clients are able to make bookings, reserve group classes and make their own trainee profile.
Clients Database
EzyTrainer provides personal trainers and instructors a way to build and manage their own client database. EzyTrainer enhances trainer-client relationship by providing convenient interactive service for both personal trainer and the client to automate booking process, manage and monitor training performance and goals achievements.
Training Programs & Classes
With ezyTrainer fitness software you can manage training programs and training classes. With ezyTrainer fitness instructors and personal trainers will be able to assign interactive training programs /classes to clients and so prepare a individual training program for each trainee as well as track the performance.
Body Measurement & Goals
With ezyTrainer fitness software both clients and personal trainers can monitor body measurement during the training and so track the performance and goals achievements. Adding goals will individualize the training course and keep in mind your priorities and follow your practice.
Exercises & Diets
Fitness instructors and personal trainers can add an unlimited number exercises and create as many training programs as they need in order to individualize the training for each client. Using ezyTrainer fitness software trainers can also assign diets to clients with only a click of a mouse.
Set Working Time & Days Off
Want to automate the booking process? Set your working time and availability and let clients choose the available hours and book your training services online. It's easy, quick and cheaper than a phone call.
Client Communication
EzyTrainer fitness software optimizes client communication. Trainers can send personal messages to clients or assign diets and training programs with a click of a mouse. Client will see the training program and will already know what to do.
Online Accessibility
EzyTrainer is a web based personal trainer software which can be accessed from any computer with Internet connection. This makes ezyTrainer fitness software a convenient and friendly solution which gives you mobility and let you focus on the training process.
Generate Reports
EzyTrainer fitness software generates reports from date to date and summarize your activity for a certain periods of time. For examples trainers can see the total number of completed training programs, diets, the number of new clients and total bookings, message sent and message received, etc.